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The Music and Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-lab) is devoted to research in digital media technologies that will shape the future of entertainment, especially in the areas of sound and music. The MET-lab's primary research focuses on the following music and entertainment applications:

  • Music production and playback technology: The iPod and digital downloads have changed when and where we experience music. In the near future, the impact of digital technology on how music is produced, created, and performed will be even more dramatic.
  • Machine listening and music information retrieval: Computers are great at recording, editing, and playing audio, but they can’t tell you much about the sound itself. How can we teach machines to really listen? Can they help organize our ever growing personal music collections?
  • New music interfaces: It generally takes years to learn to play a musical instrument. This research looks at creating simpler and more intuitive interfaces that enable people to start making music without prior experience.

The MET-lab is also heavily involved in outreach programs for K-12 students and hosts the Summer Music Technology program, a one-week learning experience for high school students.

News & Events

17 August 2012
Director of the MET-lab, Youngmoo Kim was awarded Scientist of the Year at the annual Philadelphia Geek Awards.

29 April 2012
MET-lab hosts a signature event for the Philadelphia Science Festival. This unique jazz concert will allow the audience to experience the science behind the music via large screen visualizations and an interactive smartphone app. The program features performances from stellar musicians including drummer Will Calhoun (Living Colour), and pianist Marc Cary.

2 December 2011
A story about the Magnetic Resonator Piano, developed by MET-lab postdoctoral fellow Andrew McPherson, was broadcast on WHYY's Morning Edition and
NewsWorks Tonight radio programs and website,
highlighting upcoming concerts on December 3 (in Drexel's Mitchell Auditorium) and December 4 (at Temple) featuring the instrument.

1 December 2011
MET-lab's three (soon to be six) Hubo+ robots were featured in a short segment on WHYY's NewsWorks Tonight radio program and website.