Alex Hrybyk


  • Pursuing B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Drexel University 2010


I'm a senior Electrical Engineering BS/MS student here at Drexel University. My interests include the guitar, drums, writing music, and any signal processing aspect of performing, recording, or experiencing music.

Current Projects:

I am part of a Senior Design team, creating an iPhone application to enhance a concertgoer's experience at the orchestra. A series of Philadelphia concerts throughout 2009-2010 will be broadcasted to Drexel University (HD video and audio). A server performs DSP analysis of the broadcasted audio signal to determine the location of the music within the score, and then broadcasts relevant information about the piece of the concert attendee's iPhone application. More information about the concert series is available here.

In addition to the audio analysis component of this system, video analysis will also be performed on the various camera views in position at the Philadelphia Orchestra. Using motion detection, an automatic view selector will be displayed via the iPhone application, to show the user which section of the orchestra is performing the active and relevant part of the piece.

Java Online Guitar Tuner Applet
When digitally recording or playing a stringed instrument into a computer, one finds the need to tune the strings of that instrument to near exact pitches for the best sounding performance. Many musicians with no signal processing background aren’t aware of the complexity of the digital tuning process.
I have created a stand-alone chromatic tuner application written in Java, which will not only assist the musician with tuning when playing their instrument, but use graphical displays to visually demonstrate how their instrument is being tuned. Try it here