Jeff Gregorio

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  • B.S. Electrical Engineering - Temple University - 2011
  • M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering - Drexel University - 2013


I am currently pursuing a PhD in Drexel's Music and Entertainment Technology (MET) lab. My research interests include novel musical interfaces, real-time audio processing and synthesis, and machine listening. My experience as an active musician and multi-instrumentalist initially catalyzed my interest in engineering and has lent itself to my pursuit of music technology research.

Research Projects:

I am currently working to expand upon the Magnetic Resonator Piano, a novel augmented acoustic instrument designed by a former MET lab post-doctoral researcher Dr. Andrew McPherson. My work involves adapting the system to a new type of keyboard sensor, developing an iOS interface for real-time synthesis parameter control, as well as exploring intuitive key gestures for performance and mapping of gestures to electromagnetic string actuation parameters.


  • NSF STEM GK-12 Fellowship (2012-present) - I am currently working with several Philadelphia area high schools developing application-driven activities designed to reinforce the science and math curriculum and motivate students to pursue STEM fields by illustrating the connection between technology and the arts.