Patrick Richardson


  • MS Electrical Engineering: Drexel University, 2010.
  • BA Psychology: Oberlin College, 2004

Grants and Awards


I started with the MET-lab as a laboratory technician assisting with design and setup of studio facilities for the Structured Audio research project, within which I conducted interviews with experts and professionals in music recording, production, and performance and distribution.
In 2008, I matriculated as a Graduate Student in the College of Engineering's department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on the Systems and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) track. My focal work as a Masters student was my interdisciplinary project "Evaluating the Impact of Music Video Games on Musical Skill Development," an interdisciplinary project funded by the NAMM foundation. This research developed special music skills tests to test if the human-computer interaction (HCI) elements of contemporary "rhythm games" provided quantifiable effects of conventional music training. This projects development and pilot cycles are now completed, with a review of developments and findings in submission to the Journal of New Music Research entitled "Beyond Fun and Games: Evaluating the Impact of Music Video Games on Musical Skill Development."

In September of 2010, I graduated from Drexel University, and now seek further work in the field of applied DSP for multi-media entertainment and/or education. If you are a musician, recording engineer, or other interdisciplinary artist in music media, and would like to know more about my work, please review my project pages, below, and contact me. I am eager to apply my psychology background into computer programming and DSP software and hardware.

As a student, a scientist, and a musician, I'm listening forward for a lot of exciting changes.

Research Projects:

Present Research

Evaluating the Impact of Music Video Games on Musical Skill Development

Motion-driven Interfacing for Music and Sound Applications

Presented Posters:


Research Lab Technician (2006-2010). Assisted in design, budgeting, and setup of digital music studio for music and speech research. Managed solicitation and outreach for Structured Audio research project.

Live Music Technician (2003-2007): live sound stage technician, monitor engineer, indoor and outdoor stage construction. Served with the World Cafe Live, the Rotunda, and other Philadelphia commercial and community venues.

Manager of Research and Education (2005), for R.K. Froom and Co. Inc. Assisted in venture capital business for medical supply sales.

Research Assistant (2004), contracted by the Center for Outcome Analysis (Havertown, PA), as data analyst and statistical consultant for meta-analysis of healthcare compliance in special needs homes.

Music Recording and Technician...Digital Music editing, electronic sound design, digital and analog circuit design.

Musician (drummer)...performing with various bands (1991-recent), teaching lessons (1998-present), experimentation/integration/performance with digital instruments (2001-present)

Dance (Contact Improvisaton), bicycles, cooking, movies, video games, and

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