Rio Akasaka

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Current projects:

  • Phoneme-based speech recognition
  • HTK using foreign accented speech
  • Online tools for facilitating transcription

For more details and ongoing progress, visit the wiki.


  • Candidate for B.S. Engineering, B.A. Linguistics, Swarthmore College


I am currently a senior at Swarthmore College pursuing an undergraduate BS degree in Engineering and BA in Linguistics. A highlight of my previous research experience has been with Dr. K. David Harrison, with whom I created an audio dictionary and database for endangered languages. Visit my personal website for more information.

Research Interests:

My goal is to be able to better bridge the gap between spoken word and recognition, both by computers and by the human ear. My current research attempts to enhance understanding in the role that individual phonemes might have on prosody and speaker recognition.

  • Speech recognition
  • Corpus phonetics
  • Endangered languages


  • IEEE Chapter President


I student-led a course on web design in the spring for 2008 for a duration of 9 weeks.

  • Programming: Python, Java, Verilog, C
  • Web design: W3C compliant X/HTML, CSS, php/MySQL
  • Platforms: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, Leopard, Linux
  • Programs: Matlab, Praat, R, Adobe CS