Youngmoo E. Kim

Director, Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center
Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Drexel University

I am an Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the ExCITe Center at Drexel University. My research focuses on audio, music, and entertainment technologies, including:

Machine Listening and Music Information Retrieval
Machines are great at recording, editing, and playing audio, but they can’t tell you much about the sound itself. Can we teach machines to really listen? How about using computers to automatically manage our ever growing music collections and help us find what we really want to listen to?

Human-Machine Interfaces and Robotics for Expressive Interaction
How can we use technology to enhance creative and musical expression? In developing robotic systems for creative performance, what can we learn about human expression?

Future Audio Entertainment Technologies
mp3, the iPod, and digital distribution have changed how we experience music. What’s next?

Voice Analysis and Synthesis
Why do we not yet interact with machines using voice? Can we use features of voice (other than language) to discern information about an individual, such as identity or emotional state?

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