Multi-touch Interfaces


There has been a great deal of recent interest in the use of multi-touch displays (MTDs) as an interface for human-computer interaction. A multi-touch display (as opposed to a standard touch-screen) is able to detect and track multiple points of contact (e.g., fingers). This capability enables simultaneous control of multiple objects as well as multi-point gestures.


Large-scale Multi-touch Interfaces

The MET-lab has access to a Microsoft Surface (v1.0). By taking advantage of such refined hardware and the extensive software development kit (SDK), research into multi-touch interfaces has taken a new direction. Several applications have been explored including: recreation of custom musical interfaces that existed on previous devices and a front end for Drexel University's Research Day poster archive.

Custom Multi-touch Interfaces

We have constructed multi-touch display, based in principle on a design by Jefferson Han's team at NYU that uses frustrated total internal reflection of infrared light. Several applications were explored including: music interfaces, medical image navigation, and Adobe Flash library development.