Large-scale Multi-touch Interfaces

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface (name recently changed to Microsoft PixelSense) is a large-scale multi-touch table platform. The MET-lab has access to a Microsoft Surface 1.0.  Some of the notable capabilities/specifications are:

  • 30 in (76 cm) 4:3 rear projection display (1024x768).
  • Five near-infrared (IR) cameras capable of tracking 52 simultaneous multitouch points of contact.
  • Captures near-IR image of what’s placed on the screen at approximately 60 Hz.
  • Can idenitfy 'fingers', 'tags', and 'blobs' (neither tags nor fingers).
  • Raw camera data also available.
  • Objects of a specific size, shape, or tag can be identified to initiate a preprogrammed response
  • Microsoft Surface 1.0 SDK


Music Interfaces

Multi-touch displays provide an ideal testbed for rapidly prototyping music interfaces, since the visual display of an interface is specified entirely in software. In many situations, musical interfaces on MTDs can be intuitive, flexible, and highly customizable. We are currently exploring many different types of interfaces for both novice and experienced musicians.

A sample of prototype musical interfaces can be found here:


Research Day Poster Database

In addition to musical interfaces, a multi-touch application was developed to browse Drexel University Research Day posters. This project was completed in conjunction with the University Library in an effort to archive Research Day posters.

This poster archive project and front end application were presented at Drexel University Research Day 2012.
Research Day Poster 2012

A video of the application in action can be seen below: